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For anybody who has ever had a drain issue at your home or business, you know that any clogs or backups will have major impact. Those types of plumbing problems need to be fixed immediately. 

Drains are an integral part of your plumbing system. Taking water away from your property is just as important as bringing it to, and if your drains aren’t working like they should be, you could be facing much more than just your average plumbing issue. Here at MVP Plumber & Rooter, the best plumbing company in Los Angeles, we specialize in drain services. Keep scrolling to learn more about our drain services, or contact MVP Plumber to schedule your personalized drain services today.

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The Best Plumbing Company in Los Angeles

Drains are needed in every plumbing system. If your drains aren’t working properly, then chances are it’s time to contact your local plumber for help. Here at MVP Plumber, our highly trained technicians have years of experience working with all kinds of drains and drainage systems. We can help make sure all of your drains are working correctly, or we can help install new and even more efficient drains for your property. Keep reading to learn more about some of the drain services we offer, or contact us to get started today.

Drain Repair Services

Things that shouldn’t go down your drain can cause massive damage. If your drain needs a little TLC, be sure to partner with the best plumbing company in Los Angeles at MVP Plumber.

Drain Replacement Services

If your drain system is beyond repair, then it’s time for a brand new one. Here at MVP Plumber, we can provide top-rated drain replacement services to help your drainage system run smoothly and efficiently once again.

Emergency Drain Services

Clogs, overflows, and backups can hit you out of nowhere, causing major damage to your plumbing system and property. If you need emergency drain services any time of the day, be sure to come to MVP Plumber for help.

Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

  1. DRAINS RUNNING SLOWLY: Even if you’ve tried to unclog your drain, if they’re still running slowly then it may be an indication of a bigger problem.
  2. MULTIPLE CLOGS: It could be much more than a coincidence if your toilet, shower, and sink are all clogged at the exact same time.
  3. WATER BACKS UP: If you flush your toilet and water comes back up in the tub or shower, you might be dealing with a clogged sewer line.
  4. TOILET BUBBLES/GURGLES: When you run the water in the bathroom sink, does your toilet bubble or gurgle? Your sewer line may have a clog then.
  5. WASHING TROUBLES: Water that backs up into your tub or toiler could be a strong indication of a clogged sewer line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most homeowners try to unclog drains themselves initially, and, depending on the severity and reason of the blockage, they might be successful. Unfortunately, some chemical products on the market today claim to unclog drains but end up damaging and corroding the interior of the pipe or degrade the materials at the pipe joints. A mini auger or drain snake can be used, but their operation can be rather tricky and awkward.

During the mid-century housing boom, most homes were constructed with main drains made of clay or other porous materials because they were cheaper and lighter than iron or other metal pipes. Over time, though, moisture will degrade the structure, leaving it vulnerable to sagging if the ground shifts or even to breakage if tree roots penetrate. A professional drain and sewer service provider like MVP Plumber Plumbing and Rooter can open the line back up, but eventually, you may want to replace the line altogether.

Hot grease may pour easily down a drain, but when it cools, it solidifies and sticks to the sides of your pipe, reducing its diameter, slowing water pressure, and causing a bottleneck that encourages clogs. Other foreign materials like objects (jewelry, toys, etc.) or pieces of food waste can also enter the drain and the pipes below, but will become trapped at the next bend in the plumbing. While some water will still drain through the pipe, the bottleneck and partial blockage will drastically slow down the drain.

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